In 1956 on August 10 and 11, one of Elvis’ first indoor concerts took place in the historic Florida Theatre. Not everyone was thrilled with this, Juvenile Court Judge Marion Gooding was one of those who were not thrilled. He actually sat thru one of the concerts to make sure Elvis did not wiggle his hip too much. Elvis did not understand what he did wrong but nonetheless he conformed and to compensate for the suggestive hip movements he wiggled his finger instead. This, however, did not lessen the excitement of his show.

Crowds await entrance to see Elvis Presley performs at one of his two concerts at the Florida Theatre on August 10 & 11, 1956.

Before the concert Judge Gooding met with Elvis to discuss what was appropriate and what was not. The judge did not want a repeat of the previous Elvis concert in which the girls almost ripped his clothes off. Since Elvis was not allowed to wiggle his hips the way he wanted he started curling his lip and wiggling his finger and those moves stuck with him after his experience in Jacksonville.

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