Spring Cleaning Tips

It is that time of year when the sun starts shinning a little brighter and the birds start chirping and people start cleaning, deep cleaning.

Here are a few tips for your spring cleaning.

  1. Schedule a garage sale: decide on a date and start planning your garage sale now that the rules are relaxing from the COVID-19 pandemic. This way as you start to clean and declutter you can set items aside to make a little cash for the reward you deserve for getting all your spring cleaning done. This also gives you a deadline and can help counteract the procrastination.
  2. Start with one room/area and complete it before moving on to the next to prevent overwhelming frustration. There is nothing worse than pulling everything out and not being able to complete the task then shoving everything back because you ran out of time for that task.
  3. Work top to bottom. Start with the ceiling and work down that way all the dust falls to the ground and can be cleaned easily.
  4. Check for safety. Replace the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon-monoxide detectors, clean your dryer vents using this great tool you can get on Amazon for around $14.00. It’s called the <a href=”http://Hurricane Official As Seen On TV Lint Lizard Vacuum Hose Attachment by BulbHead, Removes Lint from Your Dryer Vent, and behind appliances. You can use it to vacuum all those tight places like behind and under the stove and refrigerator.
  5. Do annual maintenance around your home as you clean. Calk around windows, sinks and tubs. Check and replace weather stripping around doors. Schedule an A/C maintenance. Inspect or have the roof inspected. Could the chimney use a sweeping?
  6. Don’t forget the outside. Clean up those dead plants and replace with fresh ones to brighten and add curb appeal. Look for cracks, check caulking around the outside of your windows. Check faucets for leaks. Does the yard need treating? Could the front door use a coat of paint, how about the rest of the house?

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